Andrew Cares

First of all, Andrew cares. That shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes, he’s is a creative expert coach with many tools and frameworks but fundamentally, he cares – which is why his tools are so effective.


Powerful and Effective

The ability to adapt and deliver value is critical and Andrew’s ability to help me do that is unparalleled. The combination of this, and his coaching abilities is powerful and effective.




Is your ambition to develop your career? Perhaps you're seeking promotion, or broadening your experience by trying complimentary areas, or maybe you want a change to try something new. I've supported many professionals like you in career design.



Is your ambition to grow a thriving start-up business? The time has come for you to be the captain of your own destiny, and you have a product or service that fills an unmet need in the marketplace. I've worked with entrepreneurs like you, and I understand the challenges you face.



Is your ambition to level-up your business? As part of an existing leadership team, you're looking to co-create an enduring business whilst delighting your customers. As a trusted advisor to many leaders, I know how to balance the dichotomies of leadership.




I use a variety of supportive methods, which have been thoroughly field-tested and proven to be successful, including coaching, mentoring, modelling, mentoring, and a few others we may dip into, if needed. By blending our work together in this way, you get the very best support available, as determined by your needs in the moment.

During our work together, we'll structure the package so as to break down your big ambition into lots of smaller aligned and incremental steps. This is how we'll leverage the power of compound interest on your successes. Progress may appear to be slow at first, but don't worry, I'll be cheering you on. But very soon, you'll see success multipliers amplifying your efforts. Every adventure starts with a single step, and we'll get you starting on the right foot.


Every client has needs which are subtly different, and we call this your agenda. It's for this reason that every package is uniquely tailored to meet these needs. That said, common themes we'll work on together include:

  • Your vision - so you know where you’re going
  • Your strategy - so you know what to do every day, to turn your vision into your reality
  • Your mindset - so you can transform limiting beliefs into generative and supportive ones
  • Your skillset - so you have the tools you need, and the confidence in using them
  • Your energy - so you can do more of the things that nourish you, for the adventure ahead


As you see from the package themes, your programme will not only be designed to meet your unique needs, but we'll also ensure it's in balance with your world. This is the system of relationships, beliefs and circumstances you currently inhabit that make up your current reality.

As we start our work together, we'll discover the nature of your system, as we determine what's beneficial and generative, as well as what's holding you back. And with this knowledge, you will be equipped with choice of where to intervene, as well as how you might want to. I'll share with you techniques for making tiny adjustments so that we can learn if these changes are taking you forward, in an objective way. We'll use the scientific method to ensure balance is maintained, however, remember that harmony does not come from the same musical notes, but complimentary ones.


I find that many clients are initially resisting change, not because they are afraid, but because don't know how to sustain it. In our adventure together, I'll be in the arena with you, sharing tools and techniques, philosophies and everything that I know, so that you have choice. You are the expert in you, you've lived with yourself all of your life, and I believe the whatever we can conceive, we can achieve. I believe in you.

  • We will design the completion of our time together right from the start, so we're really clear about where we're going.
  • We'll design your programme so that it can be broken down into smaller parts, where you cause either pause or halt at any milestone of your choice.
  • You are in the driving seat and it's always your agenda, not mine.